Student Outcomes As Currency

Attended by: Dan and Gwen

Note: I (Dan) did not realize that this was a vendor talk until about 2/3's of the way through the talk. Primarily because he didn't talk about the product until he had quite compellingly made his points about academia being too focused on credits. I will not summarize his arguments here, but I will make his slides available when I get them.



Key Points

Currently universities are run as if "Credits" are the only thing that matter
He makes the argument that

  • This is the source of most problems in academia
  • It is too integral to be removed

His solution: Modify the model by adding a second "currency" - Student Outcomes

ePs play a large role in tracking this currency (as well as rubriks and tracking)

Using their product, eLumen, "If you enter all the data, you get assessment with the click of a button

I (Dan) requested a copy of this presentation and I will link it here

An outline of the presentation:
• critique of credit-grade system:
• learning as discrete units
• misrepresents gradients in learning
• imposes data-centered business model on academic endeavor
• etc.

• e-portfolios can address all the learning that is not captured by credit-grade system
• degree should be defined by learning outcomes rather than credit accumulation
• eP can track student progression through learning outcomes
• comparison between outcomes and credits can show shortfalls that the credit system does not

heavy use of rubrics across campus to track learning outcomes addressed by individual courses

[this is where I (Gwen) start to see problems for implementation: seems to force all faculty into cookie-cutter use of rubrics; seems to be all about assessment; I would anticipate pushback]